A Certificate Authentication Code (CAC) is a randomly generated number that acts as a unique document identifier used in order to deter and prevent fraud.

The (CAC) is an item of information that is included on all new editions of Certificates of Title (CT) and Water Access License (WAL) printed at NSW Land Registry Services since January 2004 to improve the security of these documents.

Using a CAC code to conduct an inquiry verifies that the details match those of the latest edition.

If the search does not produce a valid result, there is reason to question the authenticity of the document.

Important Note: The NSW LRS will never contact you and ask for your CAC. If you ever receive a phone call or email from anyone seeking your CAC, do not provide the CAC. If you are uncertain or have provided any details regarding your CAC number, contact the NSW LRS Customer Service Centre on 1300 052 637.

Verification checks against the same title reference will be limited to a maximum of 10 per day in order to prevent hacking attacks to determine the CAC for a particular title.

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