The Certificate of Title (CT) provides evidence of ownership of a property.

This document is typically held by the owner, the bank issuing the mortgage loan, or a solicitor involved in the transaction of the property. Generally, this document is conveyed from the existing owner to the new owner when the property is transferred.

When the property changes ownership, or when other transactions such as registration of a mortgage or lease or sub-division of a property occurs, a new edition of the Certificate of Title is issued.

A CT Inquiry search provides details of;

  • the current edition number of the certificate of title.
  • to whom it was delivered (or that it is held at NSW LRS).
  • the date of issue.
  • the status date.
  • any details lodged and unregistered affecting the certificate of title.

If the status date and the issue date are different, this indicates that a transaction occurred that affected the title but did not cause a new Certificate to be issued. A caveat is an example of a recording that does not cause a new Certificate to be issued.

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