In 1862, the Real Property Act established a system whereby owners had the ability to convert land granted prior to 1863 over to Real Property Act title. This is done by a Primary Application.

What are Primary Application Packets?

In addition to a Primary Application Document Request, the public can request to access a Primary Application Packet. Primary Application Packets are an important resource for researchers due to the amount of information that can be derived from the documentation required to support a Primary Application. Dependent on the conversion system, this documentation can include;

  • The survey plan.
  • Any correspondence, including Land Department working papers and memos.
  • Reports from the Title Examiner’s and the Survey Draftsman.
  • The draft Certificate of Title.
  • Records of any caveats against the application from adjoining owners or others claiming an interest in the land.
  • Deeds (possibly including mortgages) and other dealings within the land.

In a Primary Application, documentation is also required to be supplied as evidence to prove title. These may include;

  • Statutory Declarations.
  • Births, Deaths, and Marriage Certificates.
  • Wills.
  • Valuations.
  • Subdivision Plans.

Where can I access Primary Application Packets?

Currently the only place to view Primary Application Packets is in the Western Sydney Reading Room of the NSW LRS.

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