What is a Service Location Plan?

A Service Location Plan from Hunter Water provides you with an overlay of Hunter Water assets located on a parcel of land. It also details and sewer access points or easements that exist on the property. 

When would I require a Service Location Plan?

When commencing a project on your land, if you can not locate the information required through Dial Before you Dig and your land is located in the Hunter Water service area, you may wish to organise a Service Location Plan. Knowledge of existing networks of plumbing equipment will ensure you are completing your project safely and in a suitable location, without damaging valuable community infrastructure.

A Service Location Plan is also valuable to locate any sewer access points or easements on your current or potential block of land. 

Note: Hunter Water - Service Location Plans are location plans for Hunter Water assets only. They will not provide you with location details of internal house drainage and pipework.

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