What is a Lease Folio Data Extract Report?

A Lease Folio Data Extract Report provides a comprehensive list of lease folios and related data in a variety of commercial lease complexes (shopping centres, retirement villages, office complexes). 

Lease Folio Data Extract Report's include notifications affecting lessee/mortgagee names and variations on leases, and the list of lease folios affecting lessee/mortgagee names. 

What information will I get from a Lease Folio Data Extract Report search?

This report returns a list of lease folios relating to the commercial complex with the following details;

  • Commercial complex name and address/locality (if available).
  • Complex Head Title Reference(s).
  • Lease Folio(s).
  • Premises description.
  • Dealing (if there is no current lease on Title, the report will indicate this).
  • Registration Date.
  • Name(s) of Lessee/Mortgagee(s).
  • Lease Expiry Date.
  • Information regarding any sub-lease(s), variation(s) of lease or change of lessee/mortgagee’s name.

How do I search for a Lease Folio Data Extract Report?

You can search by Head Title Reference, Lease Complex Name or Lease Folio Number.

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