What is a Plan Inquiry?

A plan Inquiry provides details for specific Deposited Plans (DP) and Strata Plans (SP) that have been lodge in the Integrated Titling System (ITS). 

What information is provided with is Plan Inquiry?

A plan Inquiry result will provide you with;

  • Plan Number and Plan Category.
  • Plan Purpose and Title System.
  • Lot numbers.
  • Number of sheets in the plan.
  • Registration date of the plan.
  • Any associated documents.
    • Strata Plan associated documents:
      • Strata development statements.
      • Strata development contracts.
      • Developers by-laws.
      • Type of model by-laws.
    • Community Plan associated documents:
      • Management statement.
      • Development contracts.
  • Number of s88B Easements.
  • Number of s88B Releases.
  • Surveyor name and reference.
  • Council approval details:
    • Council name.
    • An indicator (*) if the council has changed since plan registration.
    • Approval date.
    • Approval number.
  • Plan parish and country.
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